The Terrace

Well hidden in the woods of our property, The Terrace awaits you!
Wood is the key word of this renovation.
A large terrace facing south but with shady parts leads you into the house.
A pellet stove warms you up if needed, and sundeck chairs sit outside just waiting for bright and sunny days.
The dining room is just next to the kitchen area and above it is a large mezzanine but with low ceiling which offers 2 beddings: kids'kingdom! do not overpass!
Bathroom has a  large shower toilets and washbasin.
The bedroom with a stunning view on trees will just charm you.
Eveything is worth an effort... to get there you will have to walk up the hill for about 300 meters, no cars accepted apart from loading and be aware of that! This is to ensure the tranquillity of our property and its guests.